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Reattach doors. It might seem counter-intuitive to leave the doors on the cabinets when painting them, however it offers you a best work space, and this paint will not leak or run so you don't need them to be horizontal while painting. They can dry in location, all while leaving your kitchen practical throughout the job.

June 1, 2016 by: Michelle I'm so excited to show you the very best way to paint your cabinets white! (or any color, really however white was the look we were going for.) Snow White Milk Paint by General Finishes to be specific. After researching my alternatives I felt this was the best fit! Light and bright kitchen areas are ever so popular right now and it is AMAZING what a coat of paint does to a room! You can see our total kitchen area renovation here.

A laborious job but BEYOND worth it! I did a great deal of research and while I don't like to state individuals are wrong, let me tell you do not think everything you check out. We went through a lot of trial and mistake before we discovered how to accomplish stunning results. Products: ACTIONS: Get rid of present hardware from cabinets.

(I put in a spray bottle and cleaned utilizing a scotch brite pad and let dry for several hours) Remove cabinets/drawers we started with the top cabinets. Once those were completely finished, we carried on to the bottom. Sand cabinet doors/drawers and cabinet box using sanding pads and sandpaper. Make certain to sand really well near the deals with or where you touch the cabinets the most we discovered these spots needed most sanding b/c of the oils released from your hands (can you paint cabinets).

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Tidy off cabinets really well to ensure there is no left over sanding residue, and so on before painting. Tack cloths work excellent for this. Prime cabinets (pictures of painted kitchen cabinets ideas). HERE ARE THE ESSENTIAL ACTIONS: We brushed on the paint with our Purdy paintbrushes and after that back rolled them all utilizing a foam roller to remove brush strokes.

SO YES, it's kind of a double process but paint your cabinets with your paint brush then back roll. I uploaded a YouTube video of me doing those steps listed below. (Sorry for the poor quality, I was doing this myself so was trying to video and paint at the exact same time, ha!) Utilizing the exact same strategy as in the video above, paint three coats of General Finishes Milk Paint.

That's what worked best for us. We painted them in our garage. best color to paint kitchen cabinets. Make certain to utilize little wood blocks to raise your cabinets so you can wipe off the access paint on the sides or you will have messy drip marks on the backside and it won't be a great starting part when you flip them over to repeat the process.

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